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A little bit about myself.

Hello everyone! My name is Andrew Sychtysz. I am currently a senior at Worcester State University in the process of receiving my BS in Computer Science. With a concentration in Software Development. I am a Polish American that was born in Ware Massachusetts. I speak both English and Polish.

I have a great appreciation for Computer Programming Languages. I found a passion for technology at a very young age. When I first started coding, I realized that this was something I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life. The first language I began working with was Java. Once I found myself getting comfortable with Java, I became more fascinated. As I learned about Data Structures in Java and pursued the C programming language, my world began to change.

My aspirations are to work in the Software Development field and better myself as a coder everyday. Writing Software is such a beautiful concept to me. There is always something new to learn and different ways to improve. I plan to continue growing as a coder throughout the rest of my life.

CS@Worcester, CS-343

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