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An Introduction

This blog will be a look into my point-of-view of pursuing a career in Computer Science. This blog was started as a requirement for a couple of my CS classes but I intend on using it for non-school content as well. The classes that will be referenced in some of my posts are Software Quality Assurance and Testing and Software Construction, Design, and Architecture at Worcester State University.

I am a senior at WSU pursing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. I have been to several colleges over the last decade. I took my first CS course in my first semester of my freshmen year but I did not decide to major in CS until several years later. I was very indecisive in my early college days. Music, Engineering, Astronomy, Physics, and Game Design were all potential degrees I pursued for some time. In the end, Computer Science was the perfect mix of what I am skilled at and what I am interested in.

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