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Post #8: Cross Browser Testing

Hello and welcome back to Benderson’s Blog, this week we are going to take a look into cross browser testing using a technique that is talked about in a Software Testing Class blog. You can check out the link to the full blog at the bottom of the blog if you want to learn more about it. There are some pre-requisites to perform cross browser testing, they are selecting the number of browsers and the proper browser OS device combination, check for browser incompatibility for the browsers and lastly fix the issues and perform regression testing. If you have all those boxes checked that you are good to go in cross browser testing.

Now that you have checked all the pre-requisites you got to select a browser and operating system combination. To figure out what combination you should use, you can use analytic tools or you could create a testing matrix which is described in the blog by Software Testing Class. Now that you have a combination you can use LambdaTest to exectue cross browser testing wiht your website. There is a list of combinations you can use also in the blog that will be helpful for you to be able to begin cross browser testing your website. At the end of testing you hit the end button to end the testing session, you can also hit the switch feature to change configuration without ending the session you’re in. Lastly, you got to fix the bugs you find in your website after cross browser testing and just get assured and you’ll be set.

The reason I chose this blog is not only because the course I’m taking is about testing and this is a testing blog but it did seem interesting to me considering a goal of mine is to actually make a website that is successful. To have my own successful website, I need to be able to test my website for bug and being able to cross browser test my website would be a great tool to have on my belt for when my goal is achieved. The browser that I would use to test it would probably be Google Chrome because I’m so used to it but I would probably find another browser that is better if I actually had a website to test on. In the blog they discuss actually that Google Chrome and other browsers like Mozilla Firefox use a lot of space and may not be that good for cross browser testing so I might have to figure something else out. The other cool thing about this blog is when they discuss using LambdaTest to execute the cross browser testing. There were many combinations that someone could use to execute the LambdaTest and they give you steps on what to do such as “Start running cross compatiblity tests of your webstie” and “capture screenshots if a bug is detected”. Which is helpful for someone who hasn’t done any cross browser testing. Well thank you for joining me this week on Benderson’s blog, see you next time!



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