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Kindred Spirits

Apprenticeship is a long road, a road that doesn’t look easy at first, a road that is filled with uncertainty, doubt, questions, a road that can bring lack of self-confidence, a road that can take away your passion and leave you to think that you are not good enough. What is the best thing that someone might desperately need during this long journey to feel reassured, to feel understood, to keep that passion burning and ideas flowing? This chapter is telling us how kindred spirits what is exactly we need in our journey as craftsmen.

As the book states, the problem today is that organizational cultures that encourage software craftsmanship are rare. We find ourselves stranded without mentors and in an atmosphere that seems at odds with your aspirations. I remember talking couple of weeks ago with one of my classmates about this issue. Today graduation is around the corner, and we are at the door of apprenticeship with the fear of not being supported, of landing in a company that doesn’t value progress, ambition, passion, and willingness to achieve. I want to work in a company that feeds my aspirations, where ideas are exchanged, where there is life in the job that I do. And not just doing exactly what is expected of me, making things hard and boring.

It is important to be surrounded by people who share similar goals and values as you. People that enjoy learning together, advice are shared among the group and there is the enthusiasm to get out of a comfort zone. I also believe it is important to stay connected to the people that inspire us and fee our mind. Making a list of communities and getting involved is important. I am thinking that LinkedIn is a great example of this. It is not just a platform where you can find job opportunities, but it allows people that share similar values and goals to connect, stay connected and grow they passions together.

The last point the author mentioned is about the need to retain our thoughts and the ability to ask critical questions and not just go with the group. This was very relatable to me as I sometimes find myself having a great idea and hesitating to share it with the group. Or a better idea can be shared before I share mine and I end up losing the confidence. I realize that we should not feel intimidated by other people’s ideas and mindset. Creativity and critical thinking are things we all possess. I personally will not hold back anymore and will speak my mind because it might benefit my community.

From the blog CS@Worcester – Software Intellect by rkitenge91 and used with permission of the author. All other rights reserved by the author.