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Welcome to My Blog

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With this blog, I will post updates for various projects I am working on, technologies and software that I find of particular interest, and general programming, technology, web development and game development topics, as well as information on things I am currently working on, including personal projects and practice in various languages and frameworks.

I hope to eventually replace this blog with a self-developed (non-wordpress) website as I continue to study web development topics and design.

What I’m Working On In September

– HTML, CSS, & JS (trying to update my skills with most recent HTML and CSS technologies and frameworks)
– Software Construction, Design & Architecture Course @WorcesterState (course at Worcester State University concerned with building and designing software, learning skills associated with software development)
– Building a Text-Based Java RPG (practicing object-oriented development skills, structure of a role-playing game, preparing for more complicated game development projects)

Progress on a Text-Based Java RPG game, basic framework for map structure, player and enemy classes, and game logic has been laid out. Currently working on saving player information to an external text file and outputting to a popup textbox instead of the IDE console.

Some CSS code I have been working on as part of an online tutorial. Also pictured are an HTML and javascript file which are part of the same project.

CSS, Javascript, and HTML code

From the blog CS@Worcester – CodeRoad by toomeymatt1515 and used with permission of the author. All other rights reserved by the author.