How to Contribute to This Blog

This blog was set up to act as an aggregator, so that faculty and students in the department can contribute posts about their classes, projects, or research. It is our hope that it will serve to build a community within the department, so that we can all learn about the cool and interesting things that the members of the department are doing.

The blog is running as a WordPress instance, with the FeedWordPress plugin doing the aggregation. It can aggregate posts from any blog that provides RSS or Atom feeds.

If you wish to contribute posts from your own blog to the CS@Worcester Blog, you need to do the following:

  1. Tag any posts you wish to appear on this blog with a consistent tag. You can use any tag you wish (e.g. CS@Worcester, CS WSU, etc.) If you have the option to set the “slug” (how the tag appears in the URI), we suggest using something like cs-wsu.
  2. Post, in the comments for this page, the URI for the feed for all posts using the tag you have chosen. It will look something like: (for a WordPress blog).

If you don’t have your own blog yet, you can set up a blog for free at,, or many others.

Notice: By sending us the RSS feed URI and tagging your posts to appear in that feed, you are agreeing to grant us non-exclusive rights to publish those posts on this blog. You retain all other rights to those posts.

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