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A major story that made the rounds inside the financial media last month was Jim Cramers (of-the statement that some hedge-fund managers spread false rumors about a company to large trading agents and the media to drive a stock price lower. He explained this practice is illegal, but easy-to do 'because the SEC [Securities Exchange Commission, the U.S. regulatory body] doesn't understand it.' Furthermore, the exceptionally rich former hedge fund manager featured, Whats impor-tant when you are in hedge fund method, says Cramer, is to not do such a thing remotely sincere, as the fact is really against your view. Identify further on the affiliated web site - Click here link emporer. For those of you that remain skeptical concerning the fraudulent practices of investment experts and businesses, maybe an associates entrance may finally tell you. Is beyond me why these stories even make big statements. As a former industry insider myself, Ive been saying for a long time that the investment industry is filled with investment professionals, every one from financial consultants to private money managers to professional money managers, hard at work weaving the emperors new clothes. However, only if a large mouth like Cramer speaks of the dishonesty that netted him great success does it attract attention. For those of you not familiar with the myth The Emperors New Clothes allow me to review it for you. Sometime ago in a kingdom, there lived an emperor whose vanity was popular. Two swindlers, Luigi Farabutto and Guido, knew they could capitalize on this emperors character defect to produce a big pro-fit. They acknowledged the emperor and told him that they'd sew him the best suits of a very high priced special cloth that would be invisible to anybody that was stupid or of low character. The emperor, fearing he wouldn't be able to see the clothes, sent two of his men to go see the suits. The men came back, and afraid to tell the emperor they couldn't begin to see the clothes, told the emperor the suits were probably the most beautiful suits they had ever seen. He did not wish to admit that he couldn't see the clothes for fear of being considered foolish and of low character, when the emperor visited see the Farabuttos, understanding that his servants were in a position to see the clothes. So he proceeded to permit herself to be dressed in non-existent clothes for a parade through town and proceeded to go through town in his underwear. When he came upon a new boy that pointed at him and said, But he's no garments, only then did the emperor realized that he had been conned. It's wonderful to me that many investors, even individuals with thousands at investment firms, actually think that their consultant or their organization has their needs at heart. Navigating To seemingly provides tips you should use with your co-worker. Actually, within my listing of 101 Reasons Why Managing Your Own Money is the Only Method to Build Wealth at, Ive given 101 reasons to readers why this is very, very rarely the case. Of course, everybody thinks that their counselor or financial consultant may be the one guy or gal at their firm that really cares about their financial security. They'd 999 times out of 1,000, watch a totally different story, If only they can spend only one-day in the trenches with their specialist. Sick exchange yet another approach I learned about a top economic expert in a top Wall Street firm that will get your attention. That top economic consultant maintained many million dollar accounts. The way in which he would get wealthy people to trust him was to demonstrate to them his ability to pick stocks that performed extremely well. To accomplish this, he'd locate a very thinly traded stock that historically have been very risky. He would purchase a list of high-net worth clients, call twenty people o-n that list and tell them he was a top economic consultant at his agency. Of course, this may not get the attention of these wealthy individuals since they didn't know him from Adam. Knowing they'd be unwilling to hand their income to him and commence a relationship with him, he'd acknowledge their concerns. He would then check out ask them to write the name of this volatile stock that he'd researched over a piece of paper. He'd then tell these 1-0 individuals that his stock choosing strategy was so good that he was 100 sure that if they invested in this stock, they'd produce a healthier pro-fit in a short span of time. Then he'd just take another 10 people on the record, repeat this con, but rather, tell these 10 people that he was 100 certain if they purchased put options on this stock that they'd make a lot of money from this stock. He then would wait many weeks before stock moved 25-pip approximately. He'd call the 10 people who he told he was a century sure they'd make lots of money from buying the stock, If the stock acquired. He'd just forget about the 10 rich people he stated would call the 10 people he told to short the stock and make plenty of cash by buying this stock, if the stock lost 25 approximately. They were astonished that he was right regarding a stock that they had never been aware of when he called these individuals, and many decided to provide plenty of cash to him. I tell you this story because strategies like this, made to make it seem as though these investment professionals, and I use this term very lightly, really know what they are doing, when in reality, they are attempting to sell nothing more than emperors clothes to you. In fact if you have been reading my websites for some time now, you know that the strategies of asset allocation, diversification, and low volatility are all just emperors clothes as well. Although they could sound great for you, thats exactly what the very best of all revenue methods complete. They are designed therefore well that they make you feel comfortable and in charge. The very best emperors clothes offer customers without the customers even acknowledging that they was highly selected goals. Only search our Down the Rabbit Hole and Educational methods articles at to discover why most of the best-known investment techniques to-day are only emperors clothes. My estimate of the percent of specialists that weave emperor clothes every-day at hand to buyers is 99-years. They place schemes, marketing strategies, and sales strategies in complex ways in order that upon presentation to you, they look like the finest financial strategies created specifically for you, their finest customers. Only ultimately, these methods keep you financially naked, so much so, that even kiddies with no economic level of complexity, could comment upon seeing these people that so willingly let them-selves be taken for a journey, But he has no money. In fact, just the other day, I read this article with claims from the CEO of a company that handles the accounts of some of the people in The Usa about what it requires to genuinely build success. Many of his statements, though emperors clothes reasons that a lot of people accept as truth, were so ludicrous that I laughed aloud, knowing that he'd been able to place emperors clothes for the top-tier of richest clients in America. To get different interpretations, please consider peeping at link emporor. Do not get me wrong, it is not that in my opinion that everyone available is out to con you out of your hard earned money. There are some truly good, honest people in the commercial. However, as a result of how companies compensate their financial instructors, this much is expected. There will come a time, and almost certainly several times, when a guide will have-to make a choice between you and himself/herself. Which means the consultant must choose between doing the absolute most useful thing for you and doing something not as good for you but better for their salary. To get a second perspective, please check out company website. And having experienced the business, I know plenty of specialists that chose the latter many times and rarely any at all that chose the latter sometimes. Always remember Jim Cramer, some body that created an estimated fortune of 100 million by influencing rich consumers, said, Whats essential when you are in hedge-fund setting, is not to do anything remotely genuine, because the fact is really against your view. And when you read Cramers record again, understand that this attitude predominates among almost all investment business experts, not only Jim Cramer..