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Resources are grouped by sections of the chapter. When adding a new resource, please try to add it to the appropriate section.

Section 1.1 Objectives

Section 1.2 What is Computer Science?

Section 1.3 Why Study Computer Science?

Section 1.3.1 Everyday Applications of Computer Science

Section 1.3.2 Why Computer Science is Important

Section 1.4 Problem-Solving Strategies

Section 1.5 Python Overview

Section 1.5.1 Primitive Elements

Integer Numbers
Floating-Point Numbers
Complex Numbers
Summary of Numeric Types

Section 1.5.2 Naming Objects

Section 1.5.3 Abstraction

The turtle Module
Writing Your Own Functions

Section 1.5.4 Repetition

Drawing a Spiral
Drawing a Circle

Section 1.6 Summary