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Resources are grouped by sections of the chapter. When adding a new resource, please try to add it to the appropriate section.

Section 2.1 Objectives

Section 2.2 What is Pi? http://www.livescience.com/29197-what-is-pi.html 9/21/16 created in 2013 This resource is very helpful/useful because this website has a great deal of details on pi, the history of pi such as where and when it was created, and even includes a diagram of pi being represented in the equation of finding the circle's circumference. It has all the information you need about pi right in front of you without having to search through chapters in the book. Ryan Connor

Section 2.3 More about the math Module

Section 2.4 The Archimedes Approach

Section 2.4.1 The Python Implementation

Section 2.4.2 Developing a Function to Compute Pi

Section 2.5 Accumulator Approximations

Section 2.5.1 The Accumulator Pattern

Section 2.5.2 Summation of Terms: The Leibniz Formula

Section 2.5.3 Product of Terms: The Wallis Formula

Section 2.6 A Monte Carlo Simulation

Section 2.6.1 Boolean Expressions

Section 2.6.2 Compound Boolean Expressions and Logical Operators

Section 2.6.3 Selection Statements

Section 2.6.4 Completing the Implementation

Section 2.6.5 Adding Graphics

Section 2.7 Summary