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My name is Matthew Lopatka and I'm a CS Major, I previously worked at Mastercam CNC Software Inc. as a C# developer.

Bug Report Definitions

1.Issue Type - Are the types of issues that need to be attended to in the software. Examples of these are incidents, bugs, new features, tasks, story (user story) and subtasks.

2.Key – Is basically the ID for the entire lifecycle of the Issue. Clicking on the key will also give you details of the ticket type, priority, status, resolution, complexity, affects versions and labels. Along with that it will give a brief description, current activity, dates created and updated.

3.Summary – Summary gives a brief or extensive description of the Issue at hand.

4.Priority – Sets the level of priority, must be completed or could cause delays, could be addressed, blocked, should be attended to and TBD – To be determined priority has not yet been set.

5.Status – Status is basically what it says. There are multiple benchmarks in status which include ready for code review, closed, ready for work, design, needs assessment, implementing change and canceled.

6.Assignee – Is the individual who is delegated to complete the task.

7.Updated – Gives the date and time when the issues had been modified last.

8.Resolution – States whether or not the issue has been resolved. Some key words for this are Fixed, Unresolved, Won’t fix. In general a resolution status of fixed could go to closed tickets, while unresolved can reflect a number of types of statuses, such as Needs Assessment, Ready for Work and Design phase.

9.Due – Date set for issue to be resolved.

10.Reporter – Is the individual who the assignee reports to about progress.

11.Created – Date in which Issue was created.

Describe how you discovered the definitions and How did you find the information from above?

A)I knew the definitions by a similar software I used at work. I found the information on the top menu bar.

Identify the order in which the bugs are initially displayed?

A) They are displayed in the date the bug was created.

What is the meaning of the symbols under priority?

A)(?) TBD - To be determined, (Must)Issue helps define a milestone. (Could) Issue to be addressed as resource permit. (Should) Issue should be completed for its milestone, however it will not delay its milestone. (Blocker) Blocks development and/or testing work, production cannot run.

Select a bug that you think that you might be able to fix and look at it more closely (click on the bug number).

A) Wrong concept answers localization in Create Patient XForm designer.

1.Identify when the bug was submitted.

A)2013-01-08 09:36:10 EST

2. Identify if there has been recent discussion about the bug?

A)Yes, there have been discussions and changes committed.

3. Is the bug current?

A)Yes, it was last updated on 2013-01-14 05:17:55 EST , so its been a little over a month with no progress.

4. Is the bug assigned? To whom?

A)Unassigned as of now, Reporter: Stefano Perticoni

5. Describe what you would need to do to fix the bug.

A)Right now it still needs assessment.

Project Information

1. Who is the lead on the project?

A) Burke Mamlin

2. In the last 30 days, how many issues have been created and how many have been resolved?

A) Issues: 34 created and 23 resolved

3. Copy and paste the status summary.

A) Status Summary

In Progress In Progress 49


Reopened Reopened 2

Closed Closed 3212


Waiting on Information Waiting on Information 7

Ready for Work Ready for Work 485


Code Review (Pre-Commit) Code Review (Pre-Commit) 10

Code Review (Initial) Code Review (Initial) 13

Code Review (Post-Commit) Code Review (Post-Commit) 78


Design Design 87


Needs Assessment Needs Assessment 26


4. Pick a version and note the version, the total number of issues, and the number of issues resolved.

A)OpenMRS 1.11

5. What is the most popular issue?

A)TRUNK-2069 Obs should have a pointer for the form_field it was created through.

6. What is the most popular label?

A)No label associated with this.

7. When was the most recent build, why was it run, what was the duration, and how many tests passed?

A) Javadocs - Publish Trunk Javadocs #30

 Rebuilt  | Ran:  4 days ago  
Duration:  7 minutes  | Tests:  No tests found   
Relates to: TRUNK-287, TRUNK-4250