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Nurture Your Passion

I decided to write on the importance of “Nurturing your passion” because as a senior who finished college and is going for the professional career, I think this pattern is a piece of advice. Being a great software developer isn’t something that happens over time. In contrary, it is time consuming, energy consuming and requires determination and sacrifice.

To become software developer, we will need to have a passion for software craftsmanship. Unfortunately, our daily activities often work to diminish this passion. We might be faced with demoralizing corporate hierarchies, project death marches, abusive managers, or cynical colleagues. It’s hard for our passion to grow when exposed to such hostile conditions, but there are some basic actions we can take to sustain it. Work on what we like. Find something at work that interests us, identify it as something we enjoy, and pour ourselves into it.

I have always said that loving what we do is what keeps us going forward and wanting to master I that specific domain of our professional life. When we don’t love what we do, we don’t even other putting the effort to master it or accomplish something great because our mind isn’t even there. Immersing ourselves I some of the great literature of our field can carry us through the rough spots when our passion is in jeopardy.

I think the best advice here is that if, as software developers, we find ourselves in a company that stifles or suffocates our passion, we need to have the guts to move on and go to for something that we love. This piece of advice is very relevant and important. I think finding a job that a software developer can at least partially nurture his passion is very important. We spend so much of our lives at work. So, it is very important to find happiness there, if possible. And when we don’t find it, have the courage and the positivity to keep looking until we find it because when we don’t love what we do, it affects our wat of working and also our mental health.

From the blog CS@Worcester – Software Intellect by rkitenge91 and used with permission of the author. All other rights reserved by the author.