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Apprenticeship pattern: Practice, Practice, Practice

This week I decided to write on chapter five about practice. This pattern really reflects the reality of life. Everything, if we want to master or succeed, we need to practice in order to get better every day. To improve, if you routinely practice something, the likelihood of you doing better on something is higher.

This pattern is telling us the importance of practicing and that the performance of our daily programming activities does not give our room to learn by making mistakes. But taking time to practice our craft without interruptions, in an environment where you can feel comfortable making mistakes. As software developers, we need to practice in order to grow our knowledge and skills. I love how the author says: “The key to this pattern is to carve out some time to develop software in a stress-free and playful environment: no release dates, no production issues, no interruptions.

The importance of practicing is that every day, there is a new thing that we learn, do something a little bit different each time an exercise is performed. As software learners, practice is our best friends, so are curiosity and determination. We can go far and become those great craftsmen if we put up the work and are willing to make sacrifices. Then, we will master and become thos great software development.

One thing that I will always remember is that we should never forget about The Long Road. That we should be patient and accept difficulties, so we can challenge ourselves and master in what we are doing.

In reality, regular exercise for software developers can help improve our brain, memory, problem-solving skills, and overall mental agility. Things that are rarely talked about but necessary in our daily lives, especially when dealing with complex problems such as developing new components, solving bugs, or even having architectural or difficult meetings.

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