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Apprenticeship pattern: Sustainable Motivations

The more I read this book, the more I understand about software and how it works, the things, and sacrifices to make to become that person we see in us every day and turn it into a reality. This week I read about “Sustainable Motivations” and while I was reading, one thing that I understood is that all the motivations that we have are good but we need to define our priorities from our most to our least and then go from there. Many times in the computer science field, I felt like giving up because sometimes I will think that I need to get into something else and most of the time it is when things get very difficult and challenging. And it’s true that most of the time, not just me but also any other programmer thinks first about the money behind the work and that keeps us even when sometimes we don’t want to keep going. It is true that when I think of what I want to achieve, I love what I am doing even more and go for it. One thing that I learned is that when we define our motivations, we need to go with what really makes us happy and want to continue, keep going because that is what will help us align with walking The Long Road. We need our ambitions not to be first about money but what we want to achieve in the technology field and master it/them. This pattern helped me to be more aware of my future decision and what I really want to do it, so I don’t find myself trapped because I want to enjoy what I will be doing to the fullest and master whatever I will decide to do.

From the blog CS@Worcester – Gracia's Blog (Computer Science Major) by gkitenge and used with permission of the author. All other rights reserved by the author.