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Apprenticeship pattern: The Long Road

For this week, I decided to read on chapter 3, “The Long Road” which talks about the reality of software and the reasons that should be behind it. Many people probably have their own vision of computer science, and most of them are about getting the highest-paying job, just like the chapter describes it.

One thing that we need to understand with technology is that it evolves all the time and changes. We need to understand that the more technology constantly changes, the more our knowledge needs to be increased and developed. Technology/computer science is about adaptation, change, learning all the time because it will never stop improving and increasing, so should be our brains.

When the author says, “You should be prepared for the length of this journey”, it means that we should always keep in mind that as software developer, the expectation of working, learning everyday should be part of us. That is something that I learned while being a computer science major; that it’s an everyday school even for those who are done and those who are still in schools. When we aspire to become a master software craftsman, we need to understand the work taht is behind it and the devotion, dedication and time we need to invest in them. We need to value long-term growth opportunities and be open to new knowledge because that will be the only way to become better at what we do and improve the skills we already have and also, gain new ones. It’s a lot of work and will take time, but at the end, it’s our reward from working hard and giving everything we could to become great software developer. Success is part of it, and all the benefits taht come with the hard work, btu we should not think of them as the main motivation as apprentice.

From the blog CS@Worcester – Gracia's Blog (Computer Science Major) by gkitenge and used with permission of the author. All other rights reserved by the author.