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Sprint restrospective #2

For this second sprint, we did have good communication with my team, and also we had progressed a lot in our organization. We came up with new techniques to work on the project, divide tasks, and also we were meeting every week on Thursdays and Saturdays to talk about what we have done so far, what needs to get done before the next class, what needs more help and support from the other teammates. I personally took a lot of time trying to find a solution on how to make Keycloak work on my computer because I had a lot of issues with that. All my teammates have been able to make it work on their computers, but mine was still causing issues. So, because of that, I did not spend too much time on the rest of the tasks like working on Docker for example, which made it hard for me to complete that issue before our sprint review. One thing that I noticed during our second sprint, is the fact that we were all one when it came to knowing what to do and were always available to help one another whenever someone is stuck or is having difficulties doing part of the project. After having my Keycloak running, then I started focusing on the other issues I had to work on.

So, the issues that I assigned to myself were first to make Keycloak run, but also to create basic Kubernetes/ Docker Container with Keycloak, deploying Keycloak on AWS Kubernetes.

I got Keycloak working on my computer after having George help me to figure out the problem. Once it started working, I also tried to create a docker container with Keycloak and see what it will do. I am still working on this issue, but there have been improvements compared to the last class. Also did some research on how to deploy Keycloak on AWS Kubernetes and put both under the status done because there was nothing else left to do with those issues. But since I am still working on the Docker container issue, I moved it back to the product backlog and include it in the next Sprint planning on Monday. I also did some research on RabbitMQ and how to deploy it on Docker/Kubernetes. It’s not really part of our project but I thought it was necessary because we were going to work with another team that will actually need Kubernetes and RabbitMQ. I did not put too much of my time into this issue but I did find some good links.

As an individual, I think this sprint two went way much better than sprint one. For the first one, I was still getting familiar with the project, still not close to my teammates and I was not contributing at all (creating issues, writing comments, fixing issues,…). In this second sprint, I actually worked on what I did wrong on the first one and improved it for the second one. There was more communication with the team, and I was more involved (sharing ideas with others, creating issues to help go forward with the project,…) and that was just very helpful for me and my team.

I still need to improve some things like being more active on GitLab, posting important information, writing/responding to comments, making changes/and fixing issues. It is very helpful to have a person in the team that always make sure that we are all on the same page and that we’re all getting closer to put goal. Mike has been a great help for the team when it comes to making sure that we need to get things done, issues, and what needs to go where (sprint backlog, in progress, needs review,…). I am also planning on being more vocal in class and sharing more opinions and ideas to help the team. I am looking forward to the next Sprint on Monday and seeing how it goes.

Links to the GitLab issues that I worked on:

RabbitMQ links:,git%20repository%3A%20helm%20install%20mu-rabbit%20stable%2Frabbitmq%20–namespace%20rabbit

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