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Sprint retrospective #3

This last sprint has been different from the other two. This was our last and we needed to talk and communicate well with the team and know exactly what to do for the last sprint. We started by talking about the issues that we created in the past sprint that we did not finish and then after that, talked about the plans we had for sprint planning 3 and the new issues that needed to be created.

The issues that I have created and worked on are: “Discuss Integration with Inventory System”, “Research Kubernetes from AWS Team”, “Backend: Create HTTP calls for Database”, and “Research: How to deploy RabitMQ on Kubernetes”. These issues were put under the status “done” because we had all the information needed. I did not really have time to work on the first about discussing integration with the inventory system from the other section but my teammate Mike Morley talked with them and gathered all the information needed. I did work on Kubernetes, actually, 90% of my time working on it.

I talked with the other team too, but did my own research and gathered all the information I needed. One of my Teammates Andrew Sychtysz talked with the Scrum Master from the Kubernetes team and also did his own research on the same issue as mine. The more information we have, the better. Kubernetes have a lot of interesting articles, but with them, I felt like the information were very broad and too much, so I decided to watch videos/tutorials. I did watch a lot of videos and learned a lot about Kubernetes and I am planning on sharing all that I know on GitLab.

The other issue about Rabbit MQ, I did a lot of research on it because for some reasons but since it was not part of our project, the professor said to abandon that issue. But I am deciding to talk about it at least because I do have a lot of information on RabbitMQ that I found interesting and did watch some videos and read articles.

As individuals, we did work and completed what we were supposed to do. Some issues still need reviews, some will be put back in to open section for those who will work on this project next year. As a team, we all contributed and were there for each other whenever we needed help. For example when Mike Morley helped discuss with Inventory System from the other section because I was not available to do that. Also when Andrew helped with Kubernetes, or when I and Lena Viazmitinov worked on the backend. We might not finish the project but we did work and have all put up with the work.

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