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Retrospective 4

As we finished another sprint, we learned more about Angular applications. we split the work based on components, and each team was assigned in one component, or to do the services needed. I and my team started to work with the search bar in the sprint three, and we are doing considerable progress with that. … Continue reading Retrospective 4

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Sprint Review #4

Hello and welcome back to Bendersons blog! This blog post will not focus on an apprenticeship pattern but will focus on the end of my last sprint with my teammates in my software capstone class. Like my last sprint reviews I will be explaining in depth, the process that my team and I took during this sprint and what tasks we got done and what we didnt finish but are working on finishing on the next sprint so it doesnt stay in the backlog for a long time. We only have about three weeks left in the semester so we are trying to crack down on things and get them done for the deadline that is at the end of the semester.

During this sprint, my team and I set out to complete numerous amounts of tasks. The easiest task that we did was transferring everything that we had in our Trello board to our github board that we created. The reason we did this was for one, to be able to label the specific tasks, as epics, stories or tasks based on how big of an importance and work load they were to the project at hand. The second reason was to have it be able to be seen by the other team in the other class that is working on the Food Pantry as well. Just to make sure we ‘ bumping into each other and doing the same tasks which would be redundant to the project. After transferring and labeling all our tasks that we had, we continued to work on the ones that we had to finish from our backlog from the last sprint. Nick was working on the intake form, making sure that it worked and whenever you ran it, it would go to a server and save what the intake form would say. Nate was working on the CSS of the project, making sure the project had that Worcester State logo and Worcester State blue to it to make it pop and look very nice and neat. Andy was continuing to work on the back end of the project, working diligently and making sure it ran perfectly, he even was communicating with another group member from the other class trying to get it done. Johnny was working on the database side of the project making sure that the intake form had somewhere to store the data once it was completed. I was working on coding mini features in the food pantry like for example, if they wanted to ever categorize their foods in the pantry into different food groups but I didn’t finish it as it wasn’t too important to the project. I also made a mock up for what the employees could see when they login in when they are working.

Next sprint we are going to try to get everything that we have left to do done so we are ready to present our project and hand it over to the food pantry. One problem we ran into last sprint that we hope we don’t run into next sprint is sometime out of the blue, our projects wouldn’t run in webstorm and we would have to restart our projects and reopen them. We basically have this last sprint to go with maybe a little quick sprint at the end to tie everything up. We are in the final stretch of the semester and Im looking forward to see what we come up with in the end.

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Sprint Retrospective 4

Team Tapmah had a rough go of it this sprint. We started the sprint very optimistic that we would be able to get a few services mocked using nock and working. However as we worked on the project we soon started to develop a sense of confusion and concern. We took the time to trace… Continue Reading →

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