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Sprint Retrospective 3

As we are going deeper in the class project, we are learning how to be more productive. After the first two sprints, that we created the project, the git repository and organize the projects between the official repository in CS-Worcester and our class organization. My team decided to work in the Search Bar component and … Continue reading Sprint Retrospective 3

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Sprint Review #3

Hello and welcome back to benderson’s blog! I know I posted yesterday but I recently finished another sprint in my software capstone class and thought that you would like to hear how it went, what we did and what are trying to do for our next sprint. Let me start off by saying that my teammates are very hard workers and great teammates for this class, I couldn’t ask for a better team to work with. This last sprint we had was good for the most part, some tasks weren’t completed but we made good progress on most of them which gives a good start for our next sprint.

Let me talk about what we did this sprint. We first decided that to get the most work done, we should split up the work a little bit and have people working on individual tasks to do for the sprint. Nick was working on coding a back end to the Libre Thea food pantry and getting that squared away so we could move forward after that and get more answers from our client on what they want. Nick even has a working mock up on Stack Blitz where it has the form that the client showed us that every person has to fill out once they go into the food pantry to take out food. Johnny was working on the database side of the project where he made a whole hierarchy of the database, what we need to include in the database and he even made a mock up one online with an application we used last semester in a database class. Andy was working on code for the REST API for the food pantry and was making great progress on it last time we checked up with him. Andy has also been working with some teammates from the other class that are also working on the food pantry to get the task done as efficient as possible. Nate was working on the CSS of the project where he was making it look pretty and having the Worcester State colors on it and it looks pretty nice so far. I was working on making sure we have everything set for this sprint, making sure we didn’t miss any features and I was also trying to code up a little mock up myself but I just let Nick do that since he was making a lot more progress than I was. After I thought my task was complete, I tried helping Nate with his CSS work on the program. This sprint went by pretty quick it felt, I think we missed some classes but Im not exactly sure. As I said though, we made some good progress on the tasks we had set out for this sprint and are hoping to complete what is on the backlog by next sprint so we can be closer to the final product at hand. That is basically all we did for this sprint this time, next sprint Ill make sure to write another review and let you know how it went. Thank you for joining me again today, have a good one!

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Sprint 3 Retrospective

At the beginning of the third sprint we had some direction on what we were going to do finally. Of all the components we looked at we began to find the most interest in the bottom navigation bar. Our plan was to look at what might be needed to accomplish this component, and what direction… Continue Reading →

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