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Since my last post Matt and I have accomplished a few things. One we finalized the layout of the modify dosage feature we are looking to add. What we did was mimic the layout of the section used to add a new drug regimen. When you click on the modify dosage button a box opens up in the current window that has an area to modify the a drug regimen. The box contains a drop down populated with all the current drugs that the patient is on. There is also a text box to modify the dosage. There are some drop downs to modify the frequencey of drug administration, There is a “start date” box that will pop up a calendar that you can use to select a date. We added a Submit button that should submit the data and a clear button that will clear all fields.

Since the layout is all set now all we need to do is test. This is where we are coming into some issues. We are not able to add drug regimens to a patient. This makes it impossible to see if our drop down will populate with all the medications that the patient is on. Since we can not add a drug regimen we can not modify one. We are currently working to find out what is the issue here. My guess is that it has to do with the DB that we are connecting to.

Another thing that we have done was create a build script that reduces the time to deployment. Initially, when we run a maven clean/install it takes about 8 minutes to build and deploy. This means that any changes we make and want to see will take at least 8 minutes. We cut this down to about 1 minute by running the maven install with the skip tests flag.

  • mvn install -Dmaven.test.skip=true

While this helps in development we realize that the unit tests are important and so once we have reached a state that we are happy with we run the build with the tests as normal.

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Taking Care of Backlog…

So, apparently, I’m really bad at keeping these sorts of things regular. So, let’s start off with two weeks ago, shall we?

Two weeks ago, we did a sort-of lab in class, one that involved downloading various applications and such before it could really get going; well, it involved all that for me, seeing as I was using vastly outdated software/programs. In order to get things working, I had to download the latest version of Eclipse available (Helios, I believe?), as well as a better version of Java in order to properly run everything. I tried to do this all in class, but for whatever reason my internet connection in the classroom seems especially bad. It was at the point that the estemated completion time was several hours, at the lowest. I think the highest I saw was about 10 hours.

Either way, after I got home, everything seemed to work out well enough. The downloads finished rather quickly, and I soon was running the proper software. Unfortunately, everything wasn’t perfect at this point, and thus I had to play around with the Eclipse settings for a bit. Now, while I really should have been typing this up as I did it, so I could remember everything I did, I was an idiot, and failed to do so. So, let’s see how much I can remember, and how much I can re-work through…

It still wasn’t letting me run files as JUnit Tests, so I had to go into the settings and preferences and such to find out why this thing still wasn’t working. Come to find, in spite of downloading the latest of Java and Eclipse, it was still trying to use an old system library, 1.6 I believe it was. I had to go in, forcibly re-direct which Build Path it was using, then I had to force it to run as JUnit Test (unfortunately, I can’t quite remember what I ended up having to do to get that to work properly, but it still didn’t want to run it).

After that fiasco was over and done with, our group finished up our ticket and got ready to compile it all together and send it. I’m not sure if we decided on a new ticket or anything, yet, but I suppose I’ll find out later today in class. In the meantime, I’ve been taking a look at that book I’m apparantly supposed to give a report on. Not gonna lie, I’m not looking foreward to reading what looks to amount to a specialized textbook. I generally shunt those off to be used as references, at best. And even then, the Internet’s generally faster for me. Well, here’s hoping this doesn’t turn out as painful as it’s starting to sound.

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Junit Testing

Our bug that we chose is related to JUnit testing, so the lab we did was especially useful in understanding the code. As far as our bug went, we looked through the code some more. It would be great if the OpenMRS community answered our questions asking for clarification: I do not really want to have all of our changes rolled back again like with out last bug that we needed to abandon. 

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week 7( working group status)(03/10/14)

The OpenMRS  account have been looked from the wiki page, which page our group were supposed to edit the information on , then we decided to un sign the Ticket TRUNK-3009. Now, we chose the Ticket Clean up  unit test (Trunk- 243 ) instead of keep waiting for the account to be unlocked.  we go to the web site : https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/TRUNK-243.  to looking for what we need to do to get it done. First,  one guy of our group commented on the OpenMRS page to ask for what is the direction . Furthermore,  we are looking any information relate to the unit test on some web site as http://junit.org/, http://stackoverflow.com… while we still waiting for respond from a developer.

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Making Headway & Trying to Test Code Implementation

Last week TR and I basically finished implementing the layout of the Modify Dosage System. We set up a clear button along with a submit button. There is a drop down menu that should populate with the current drug name that the patient is currently taking or will be taking in the foreseeable future. We have a start date input box that pops up a calendar for selecting a start date for the modification of the drug dosage. This calendar will also override the calendar’s start date in the Current Patients Drug Regimen. The dosage input textbox will also override the Current Patients drug Dosage textbox. We have included a Drug Brand input textbox that is not needed to complete the drug dosage modification but more of an option for the end user.  Everything seems to be data bound correctly so now we focus on testing and debugging our work.

As soon as we began trying to test or code we ran into issues. For starters when we tried to create a new drug regimen we would receive multiple exceptions that included incorrect date format even thought it was being inputted in the specified format. Drug ID’s that should have been connected to a valid drug were giving invalid drug selection exceptions. Thinking that these issues might have something to do with the version of OpenMRS I was running I uninstalled my OpenMRS and reinstalled it, I also deleted the 5000 patient database and reinstalled that is well. After the reinstallation of both OpenMRS and the sample database I again ran into the same issues that I originally began with.  I also tried to swap out to the latest edition of the War file that was available for download, but had no success nothing really changed. Recently TR emailed Daniel Kayiwa (JIRA) from OpenMRS and we are awaiting word on the next actions we should take to resolve this issue. Until then we are kind of at a standstill.

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Week 7

During the Spring Break, we completed most of the task on the ticket and closed a lot more of them. Them team communicated during the break through emails and collaborated as a team to get the task done. During class, we were introduced to JUnit testing in which we tested segments and methods of a sample code produced by the instructor. Some of the team members were new to the idea and for some, it was just a refresher. However, it was a good experience for the whole class to move on to something new and get a hands-on real world development environment experience. We also had the opportunity to choose some books to read on related topics in which we will present to the class about what we learned from the book. Week 7 overall was fun and exciting, we’re looking forward to week 8 activities.

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Week 6

During Week 6, Our team continued to work on our ticket and we closed a few of the services. As we continued to work on the ticket, we noticed that most of the services had already been done (they had good javadoc comments) so we just look over it and closed it. As the week continued, we have gone through half way with our ticket task.

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